Y&R NY and VML: The Ungrateful Bastards

Check out the site: http://www.theungratefulbastards.com

Today, Y&R NY and VML launched a new website called “The Ungrateful Bastards.” If you received a gift during the holidays that you don’t want (and who didn’t?), you can visit this site and trade for someone else’s unwanted gift. “Because one man’s stupid, unwanted holiday gift is another man’s treasure.”

Advertising Agency: Y&R NY and VML, USA
Chief Creative Officers: Scott Vitrone, Ian Reichenthal
Creative Directors: Guillermo Vega, Icaro Doria
Managing Creative Director, VML: Jim Radosevic
Creative Director, VML: Mike Wente
Art Directors: Menno Kluin, Alex Nowak, Sandra Nicholas
Copywriters: Tiffani Lundeen
Illustrator: Peter Frendrik
Producer: Jo Kelly
Lead Developer: Frank Cefalu
Flash Developer: Marc Brown
Director of Technology: Martin Coady


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It's a fun idea, but I fail to see how this helps Y&R.

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Well, you are talking about them right now-- aren't you?

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the agency Bruketa&Zinic OM has done the same thing 3 years ago http://www.sretanbizic.com/

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