Young Lions Brazil: Turtle

Advertising needs more doers than talkers.

We were asked to develop a print campaign for Young Lions Brazil. Instead of doing it, we created a campaign that started secretly on the internet, generated a lot of buzz an then became the print ads.

Secretly, we created bad and non sense fictitious ads and posted them on the main advertising websites in Brazil and the world. The ads caused all kinds of comments: criticism, compliments, and theoretical analysis. In just 10 days, more than 400 comments were posted on the ads and some other sites provided spontaneous emphasis about them. With the fictitious ads and their comments we made our print ads. The tagline was: Advertising needs more doers than talkers.

We needed to engage the best young advertising professionals to the project. This audience accesses advertising sites and make comments on these sites every single day. So, in order to get them interacting with our campaign, to get them fished by the campaign, we created ads that estimulated them to post comments on these sites.
There was a 40% increase in the number of subscriptions, in addition to the debate on the anonymous comments on the internet. Advertising sites, newspapers and TV programs highlighted the campaign. A huge discussion about the strategy and the message was started.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Brazil
Creative Director: Ruy Lindenberg
Art Director: Alessandro Bernardo
Copywriter: João Caetano Brasil
Photographer: Lúcio Cunha


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1675 pencils

sorry guys, this ad is such a talker then

it'll be like reverse-reverse pychology

... its already been done...

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Bundy Agency
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Some good copy in this one, well done João Caetano

shit campaign (and you can quote me on that)


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The whole campaign sounds like someone was angry for having his ads criticizes to death in sites like AotW and managed to have a revenge. The copy "Advertising needs more doers than talkers" sounds totally envious to me.

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After that, the best thing is don´t speak about it,

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