XS4ALL: MovieMatch

The game can be played at: (in dutch)

Dutch Internet & TV provider XS4ALL launches 'MovieMatch', an online game that’s all about movie knowledge. In MovieMatch dozens of famous movie scenes are reenacted by the company’s own employees. The contrast of ‘everyday’ employees trying to give Oscar worthy performances, ensures a hilarious game experience. The essence of MovieMatch is that we all remember numerous movie scenes. Who hasn’t shouted ‘Run, Forrest! Run!’ at some point in life? The remembrance of famous scenes fits perfectly with XS4ALL’s newest offer: Buy an XS4ALL Internet and TV package and watch 100 on demand movies for € 0,-. In other words: 100 potentially new classics.

Advertising Agency: bone, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Creative Director: Rogier Beerends
Art Director: Michael Kouwenhoven
Copywriter: Dimitri Hubregtse
Director: Tom Rijpert
Production: MediaMonks
Published: February 2013

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1963 pencils

I never shouted Run, Forest, run and I probably will not shout Run, Forest, run in my life, but I like the idea.

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