XBox Kinect: Kin the Magician

The brand wanted to show the product's advantages in a way that non-gamer people could understand. For that reason we created the character, "Kin The Magician", a magician that made stupid tricks and thought people believed them. "Kin" is looking for an assistant and creates several tests in to challenge people to work with him like: lift a car with mind powers, levitate, and make coffee appear magically in a cup.

Advertising Agency: Netbangers, Bogota, Colombia
Creative Director: Camilo Ramirez
Executive: Maria Morales
Art Director: Juan Diego Guerra
Creatives: Carolina Arjona, Juan Diego Guerra, Alejandro Leon
Developers: Andres Ramirez, Herman Torres, Freddy Munevar
Copywriter: Lina Jimenez
Designer: Gonzalo Fernandez
Video Production: La Liga films
Audio: Juan David Lacorazza
Published: August 2011

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