XBox: Go! Go! Break Steady

This video was created to inform gamers about the XBox Live Arcade game titled “Go! Go! Break Steady”. We held auditions in Toronto, Canada for B-Boys and B-Girls to come down and showoff their skills. They thought they were in for a regular audition – they had no idea what was about to happen. After briefly showcasing their skills, we ramped it up and asked them to solve puzzles while dancing. We literally brought the game to life.

Advertising Agency: TAXI, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director: Michael Mayes
Art Director: Raul Garcia
Copywriter: Matt Bielby
Director: Alex Ogus
Agency Producer: Kevin Saffer
Editor: Daniel Pruger
Released: December 2008

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huuuuuuu cool

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So, they reached, say, 30 people at the most?
And I realize the whole it-could-go-viral thing, but for that the video needs to be interesting. This one's not.

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I think it's pretty interesting. I am sure some good promotion it could get decent exposure, and the video itself gets a strong point across regarding the game they are selling. But that said, the product is so fun and such a hot topic right now (break/hip-hop dancing), that they have so many opportunities to make a great campaign. It would almost be hard not to make a really fun and likable campaign for this product.

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lost opportunity. you should have put some effort in editing the video to make it a viral hit.

this could have been fun.

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i think it's pretty cool, but it does run a little long. i also wish i saw more of the game.

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Haha... very cool.. Just by look at their stunning face it makes me laugh....

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awsum...these TAXI people make amazing ads!!

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i agree. it could've been quicker, but none-the-less, it's still good.

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awesoma powa!

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