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August 2012
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In Turkey awareness and participation of Earth Hour still remains as a big issue. Some people are not interested at all; others who seem to be interested are not willing to spend one long hour in the dark. And today people in general are not willing to do any kindness without waiting anything in return. We needed to motivate people by showing them that no good intent in life remains unrewarded and spending one hour in the dark may not be that boring after all. We prepared a big surprise that can only be experienced during Earth Hour. The idea behind it was to reward people for their participations. People who switch off and enter our web site during Earth Hour had the chance to watch surprise videos from 22 top celebrities. The content of the videos were quite exciting since celebrities did performances that they never did before.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Directors: Onur Aylı, İdil Akoğlu
Art Director: Merve Abayoğlu
Copywriter: Yasemin Aze Macun
Additional credits: Offline Production

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