WWF: Save as .wwf format

The WWF format is a PDF that cannot be printed out. It's a simple way to avoid unnecessary printing. So here's your chance to save trees and help the environment. Decide for yourself which documents don't need printing out -- then simply save them as WWF.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Doerte Spengler-Ahrens, Jan Rexhausen
Idea / Art Direction: Michael Kittel
Copywriter: Henning Mueller-Dannhausen


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Thanks. Great idea.

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best idea since the inventing of the pc :)

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gooood! chapeau! bravo!

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cannes. tha't new advertising.

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Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Cute. Would like to try it, waiting for pc version.

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You have no idea what you are talking about. Paper is a natural RENEWABLE media. New trees are grown to make paper. New trees absorb CO2. Paper is NOT made from rainforests. Emails create more CO2 than a sheet of A4 printing. Add up all the servers, monitors, pcs and power used. Facebook alone uses 44,000 servers. Print is GOOD for the environment. Visit for the facts. Adding " think about the trees" to the end of your emails is a badly informed mistake

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good points!

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Adding to the previous post... Paper is also recycled so your office A4 becomes a new sheet. Then perhaps a cornflakes box. Then packing. Then a newspaper. Then toilet roll. No more printing means a whole chain of products collapse. Plus FSC protects forests worldwide. Rainforests are being destroyed for wood products but also cleared for farming. Not papermaking

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Wow. Shame there are no such things as tree farms. Or, recycled paper.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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great idea. love it.

don't like the mention: 'idea' in the credits though, michael kittel. not cool.

Jack Mancer - when he said he was going to collect pencils, they thought he meant One show awards. He didn't.

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I have not learnt much technical details of WWF,But ye understood from the video that this process can save trees,i really appreciate the instinctive taken,can you help me out by providing a little more information.


For Primus Pvt Ltd

M.K.Ritesh Nambiar

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Previous post... This will not save trees. There are more trees in Europe now because of paper manufacturing. Thousands are planted every week. It is a crop. The opposite would happen if we stopped using paper. It is a natural renewable product (maybe the only one). WWF should be protecting the rain forests not promoting this inaccurate idea that we could save a tree by not printing a file or "even a whole book" to quote the video. Normal PDFs can be locked to prevent printing anyway if this is an issue. Just look at the settings when you create your PDF.

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nice paraphrase for a copyright secrurity.
even if trees have to die, not everybody is willing to read a book from a screen.
you can't replace the feeling of an old book in your hand with a computer.
but as i said, is a good ad, because the green message covered the fact, that
the document has a copyright secrurity.

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i like the idea, but it's not working well.

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Feels like a Scam ad.

The thought is good, but it lacks logic/truth as many posters have expressed.

And crediting yourself as "Idea / Art Director" reinforces the scam ad sentiment.

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Well, here it is:

It's there... so obviously it's not a scam ;-).

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this is awesome.

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Same things that are announce lacks logic or truth, besides the assumptions of many others suchs
as "paper produced innesesery over the world for documents, attachments or entire books" not all of them, not always.
I get the idea but it sounds more like a prohibition than getting conscious.

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It is bullshit on all levels. Many have been pointed out here by previous posters.
I would add more: if you are already eco-conscious, you won't print anything unnecessary - don't need wwf format. If you are not, you won't give a damn about a new format that is just a pain in the ass - for you and for others (I wouldn't annoy my business partner by sending over a file that is unprintable... and if they are already eco-conscious, they don't need wwf format to keep it that way).

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nich allzu konsequent, dann den "drucken" button auf der seite UND als video-vorschaubild zu verwenden ;)
aber ne coole idee.

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Great idea

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Esto va más alla de la publicidad. No merece ni que lo evaluemos. 10/10. Deberian inventar un Cannes especial para cosas de este tipo. Ideas que cambian el mundo.

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Trees are not the only resource used in the production of paper. Think of the energy required to get it from the forest to the mill to the store to your printer, and then from the recycling box to the recycling plant (which then uses more energy and chemicals to recycle the paper). The incremental energy used by your computer to view it (figure a 300W PSU for 1 hour viewing time = 0.3kwh). While forest management is done right in many places, that doesn't make cutting down trees a "green" process. Sustainable does not equal green!

I'd much rather view a PDF and use renewable electricity for my computer than buy it on paper. However, I always like having the option, because sometimes you need something in your hands. For that reason I'm not using WWF files. They should have put their money to education as opposed to this pointless gimmick that nobody will use.

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Couldn't have said better. A pointless gimmick it is.

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y qué tal si además de este formato se siguen plantando árboles? habéis pensado en esa posiblidad? menos árboles talados para producir papel + continuar con la reforestación = más árboles? y no "la misma cantidad de árboles debido a que hay que reforestar los ya talados?"
Hay mucho cínico suelto por aquí.

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The problem is always the same. But the solution is 100% different.
One created an app that says you will cut a tree when you print.
Other developed an app for you save a document that you can spread in internet and don't let any other person in the world print it.

Very good solution for a viral ad.

Automotive Aftermarket Coordinator | Tuba Cabos |

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out-of-the-box thinking, very nice idea

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I love this! And I use it =)

Automotive Aftermarket Coordinator | Tuba Cabos |

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Absolutely brilliant.

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Lisbon freak
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Amazing. When creativity serves humanity.

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Brilliant:) I wish WWF takes action not to use any kind of print media, ever...

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