World AIDS Day: Cock out

Solution: An online game: users participate in a virtual boxing match against the human immunodeficiency virus. The player uses his penis – and a special condom – to play the game. The webcam detects movement, making the penis an interactive controller.

Result: Global attention on news websites and blogs, 84,027 players in the first 24 hours, a total of 2,042 interactive hours and a 13% increase in donations.


Objective: HIV infection among 15 to 29-year-olds has increased by 56% over the last ten years. Vergiss AIDS nicht e.V. therefore encourages teenagers to practice safer sex – in a fun way.
Advertising Agency: Philipp und Keuntje, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Diether Kerner, Constantin Kaloff
Art Directors: Mario Zaradic, Sönke Schmidt, Jens Erasmus Schröder
Copywriters: Adrienne Tonner, René Ewert
Illustrator: Parasol Island
Account: Steffen Schwab, Sabrina Bohnacker

December 2010


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biggest creative fail i have seen since a very long time.. awareness created for aids: ZERO

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Totally agree.

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cool game of AIDS can not forget e.V.

That's how prevention work in 2011.

Just cool

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We need HIV/AIDS education. It's very important!! CDC has granted CSU $1.9M for HIV/AIDS education.
The number of members on the largest HIV dating&support site Positivefish. com (if I spell the site correctly) has reached 550,000.
OMG! Why so many guys and girls on the site are very sexy? Why so many sexy people are infected by HIV? There is no
doubt that we need SEX-ED

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It is important that the penis should have been shown. Otherwise video make confusing.

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Heilige Mutter Gottes, das kann doch nicht Euer Ernst sein.

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