Wits University: Pack Attack

In real life, it's not this easy to quit. Get a degree.

We created flash games and placed them on sites where high school students can download free games. At first the games seem exciting. But players soon realise they can’t achieve much in the game, just like in a real dead-end job. After quitting the game, a banner appears with a link to the WITS website.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Johannesburg, South Africa
Ben Du Plessis: Executive Creative Director
Jade Manning: Creative Group Head
Keshia Meyerson: Art Director
Olwen South / Russell Grant / Jeff Harvey / Musa Sithole: Copywriter
Released: March 2009


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at first I thought 'oh no, not another flash game'... but I like the insight and purpose of the games

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clever way to engage the audience and drive your message.....however i don't see this ad realistically solving the problem.

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Nice one... it's the kind of thing a student / school-leaver might actually download - and if even one kid thinks differently about the importance of getting an education, you've succeeded.

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I love it. Extremely effective.

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yea it's effective for those fortunate enough to get an education.

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