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This is a nice idea, but unfortunately this was done even better for the Jumper movie almost a year ago. It was a full page over for the movie on the msn site.

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wow the jumper one was bad but i liked this one

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hema is smart but the wii is much better. i mean, is actually in youtube.

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Johan Nerman
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Pretty cool. The game looks downright terrible though.

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Wasn't there some retail Ikea-eske store in Europe that did this to their webpage, all the products knocking each other over? Pretty cool as I recall.

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Very clever. Totally didn't expect it.

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This is so cool!

If you're wondering how it worked:

aah, this whole thing is actually a flash element. The youtube is copied into the bigger flash player... so the whole page is actually a flash mock-up. scroll down to see what i mean... because the link is used for a user channel page.

also try highlighting plain text in that page. it will highlight black. This indicates that it's flash. And, it says login to comment even though if you've logged in already -- further more, it looks "surprising" that there's only 2 comments on that video -- obviously a fake. And fullscreen doesn't work. You can drag the broken boxes around too.

But anyway, new idea. Cool.

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Extremely cool! Will win some prizes.

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Crisp One
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This is Dope

Ivan...any credits, or is this in house?

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Mindblowing stuff. True I've seen the other web page where things got knocked over. But there it was nice and cute. But this is Youtube!!! Not some microsite and it doesn't look like a page overlay either. When the video starts knocking things over you get the shock of your life! Plus I love the way it fits in with what Wii is known for. Kudos

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Goodby, Silverstein, and Partners, San Francisco is behind this great 'ad'.

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it's nice but not new. check this http://thegoodfoodfight.com/
this is the same idea only better/more fun/ more interactive/more message/more internet

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This is so fucking great and delicious of watch it. I love it. Congratulations. Nice idea, nice execution is a nice lion


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this is cool and all but how do ppl get to this link if they dont come to 'ads of the world dot com'

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It went viral. I got it sent to me several times.

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Very nice !! And very viral !! I love it !!


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Wario funny man

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