Whopper Freakout

December 2007



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Executive Integrated Producer (Interactive):

Integrated Senior Producer (Interactive):

Fire Artist Mark Dennison

Inferno Artist Andy Davis

Executive Producer Stephanie Boggs

Producer Shawna Drop

Audio Engineers Dave Wagg; Rohan Young; Loren Silber; Mark Meyuhas

Producer Jessica Locke

Additional Credits

Technical Producer:

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, USA

Vp Creative Director:

Vp Creative Director:

Interactive Creative Director:

Associate Creative Director/copywriter:

Sr. Art Director:

Art Directors:


Vp Director Of Integrated Production:

Executive Integrated Producer:

Sr. Interactive Designer:

Production Company: Smuggler


Executive Producer:

Head Of Production: Allison Kunzman; Laura Thoel


Director Of Photography:

Editorial Company:


Assistant Editors:

Executive Producer:


Music: Amber Music

Composer: Eugen Cho


Ecd: Michelle Curran

Executive Integrated Music Producer:

Development Partner: Red Interactive

Design & Animation: Lifelong Friendship Society

Executive Producer:

Post Production: Riot

Audio Post: Lime Studios

Technical Director:

Associate Technical Director:

Interaction Director:

Interaction Designer:

Senior Design Technologist:

Design Technologist:

Development Partner:

Quality Assurance: Stewart Warner / James Luckensow

Aired: November 2007

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Highest Rated

ManchuChanchu's picture
Activity Score 701

Some good time wasted

bknowlden's picture
Activity Score 3647

It's cool, but doeesn't seem like they got the crazy "freakout" reactions they're claiming at all...

ivan's picture

I agree, but it makes it more real. Over the top freakouts would've made me think it's fake.

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Rog is a moron's picture
Rog is a moron
Activity Score 8

Sorry Brandon. Got a little overzealous. Very out of line. I just think it's brilliant. Smart of CP+B and Smart of BK. Ivan's correct.

ivan's picture

Sorry, I deleted your comment. It got a little too personal. ;)

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bknowlden's picture
Activity Score 3647

Sorry to distract visitors Ivan. Rog, everything aside, can you imagine a client trusting you this much? In that regard alone, this is award winning - I'll give you that.

James Hoke's picture
James Hoke
Activity Score 45

Fucking Great.

Don Draper's picture
Don Draper
Activity Score 144

Apparently I'm in the minority here because for me that was 7:49 wasted. Obviously if you take away anyones flagship product (with no rhyme or reason), people are going to be unhappy about that. (think New Coke). So what's so brilliant about restating the obvious and pissing-off your customers at the same time? You've not given me a real reason to put down my martini (or my concubine), and go get a Whopper. Burger King is NOT going to stop serving Whoppers, therefore crisis averted. They also spent a lot of time and energy telling me that I'm watching real customer reactions. Well for me, the customer reactions are tainted because they are being provoked by actors posing as managers and cashiers. (If I'm not mistaken, that first manager plays Alan on a Comedy Central show called Halfway Home). Yes, I know this is a great agency, and yes I know they typically do great work, but THIS time, I refuse to be a lemming and I'm not drinking the Kool-aid. This spot is preaching to the choir. It does nothing to bring in new OR existing customers. If I'm a fan of the Whopper, you've done nothing but piss me off because you tried to scare me. And if I'm not a fan of the Whopper, what the hell do I care if you got rid of it? I don't see a reason in this spot to go buy a Whopper so I'm stepping out to get something that I KNOW isn't going anywhere –– a carton of Lucky's!

instinctive traveller's picture
instinctive tra...
Activity Score 189

On the contrary, I believe it's an exercise worth every penny or pound or what ever. I’m from India and guess what? I was just about to google the burger king website so I could ask them how they don't have a burger king here in Chennai, India or anywhere else in India for that matter. So what if it was fake managers? What if they upset the customers? They got what they wanted. Hell! Aren’t we all talking about it?

Good job there. Absolutely.

matheuscp's picture
Activity Score 20

I liked that.

30'' é pura propaganda

Nils B's picture
Nils B
Activity Score 15

Ok this one really impressed me... Love the strategy. In my opinion, this must be rewarded in Cannes 2008.

Signe_S's picture
Activity Score 357

This is absolutely genious and hilarious. I look so much forward to see this campaign at all the award shows! Good job!

capywriter's picture
Activity Score 5509

Don Draper, somehow I can see your point, but don't you think that some people who never ate a whopper before get curious? Saying: 'If those people react like that... it might really be one hell of a burger! Maybe I should give it a try...'

Don Draper's picture
Don Draper
Activity Score 144

I think that's a good question to ask yourself Robbie. Are YOU a current fan of the Whopper? If not, after seeing the spot, are you planning on giving it a try? Be honest. Something tells me "try the Whopper" did not make it on your to-do list for the week. I will concede this, if the spot was to be nothing more than a covert testimonial--mission accomplished. But if they expect this to move the needle (and I assume they do given the huge media buy for this campaign) I think the client will be dissappointed.

baffled's picture
Activity Score 108

Whatever we say here, it WILL win at Cannes. CP+B is a freakin Goldmine. I think Midas must be on the Board...
If it sells more Burgers? I doubt it, its still very, very cool, and an extremely fresh approach. If you are only looking at increased sales you should start working for P&G and collect Effies.

monicamexico's picture
Activity Score 830

I've seen these on TV and they're stupid. If anything, it simply calls attention to the fact that Americans are fat and addicted to their fast food. Thanks for being part of the problem, BK!

drizae's picture
Activity Score 503

Fantastic, I think this was really well done. Very real, just didn't like the word "freakout". Can't think of a better word at the moment though.

Fail Harder.

kgeiger's picture
Activity Score 7311

I love it when the customers come back with a Wendy's and McDonalds' burger. WTF? Now that was funny.

ManchuChanchu's picture
Activity Score 701

Some good time wasted