Wet: World’s Greatest Lover web app

Check out the site: http://www.wetworldsgreatestlover.com/

Spring is almost here and with it, to paraphrase poet Alfred Lord Tennyson, thoughts turn to love. So the timing is perfect for the "Worlds Greatest Lover,"a new social app for Wet® International, manufacturer of the world’s best-selling specialty line of personal lubricants and intimacy products, created by agency Oddcast and Creative Production Firm Bullet. "World's Greatest Lover" allows users to give romantic props to their significant others. Users simply log on to www.wetworldsgreatestlover.com, upload a photo from their computer or via Facebook Connect and the software automatically creates an official newscast crowning the nominee, complete with remarks from an esteemed panel of judges. Users can then send their creation to friends and family or post it to more than 50 social networking applications (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Blogger, etc.) to spread the news beyond email inboxes and into the social media sphere.

Advertising Agency: Oddcast, New York, USA
President & CEO: Adi Sideman
SVP: Annette Sroka
Executive VP: Sandy Smallens
Producer: Christopher Zei
Production/Post: Bullet, New York
Producers: Andrea Leminske, Patrick Oliver
Director: Manfred Reiff
Editing & Graphics: Seth Brau
Sound Design: Nylon Studios, New York


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"i won't click the link"...my right point finger says!


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WET.....!!!!!!!!???.......... NO ONLY SLIGHTLY MOIST.

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