Webchutney: Peeloo - When nature comes calling

An interactive Restroom service, Peeloo is an app that allows you to remotely check the status of the loo, and knock on the door if engaged. In fact, if you ask for a notification, Peeloo will also notify you as soon as the Loo gets vacant. A smart hack for small to medium size businesses who don't have huge office spaces (and mall-like restrooms), Peeloo aims to remove the queue from the Loo. For more, log on to

Advertising Agency: Webchutney, New Delhi, India
Creative Director: Gurbaksh Singh
Associate Creative Director: Sattvik Mishra
Art Director: Abhishek Saxena
Flash Developers: Mandeep Singh, Hemant Kumar
Video Production: Akshay Raheja
Released: December 2012


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the pencil
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Richa Agrawal
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i dont think it's practical. looks like done for just awards sake.

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Does the app mark your place in a line? What if someone gets to the loo at the same time as you?

Just questions. Seems like a good idea.

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Klara K.
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From personal view, it seems unnecessary. But I understand that it might be appealing for app users. The yellow color of the logo is quite unfortunate.

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nice idea good ad

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well, you are lucky that you have a lot time waste with these kind of things.

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Great idea

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Does this video really warrant the level of cool from the music? Come on guys. It's a potty app.

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this has to be THE WORST idea ever..........

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this will never ever work...

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