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i went tot his website but i don't understand the language.
by the way? what is with a half naked sexy girl vs a parking heater?
is it a bit.....unrelated.
Unless you say your car is your wife and it is like a sexy girl. (omg)

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One of the worst things I've seen
in the last, lets say, 250 years.

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really low

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germany, some friends mine will arrive there soon.
try to looking for them, they can help your job get better.

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sure, whatever.

agree that this microsite is really bad shit

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chintan ruparel
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~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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frozen my mind ... i want that product!

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maybe i like this coz im horny!!! shes hot and enough to make ice melt down without any other devices!!!!

-> why dont they have an english version of their website???

| Everartz |

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well, sorry guys. I think this website is actually pretty cool! But an english version is missing - I agree with this!

I have a parking heater in my car and this product is actually the same sexy as this website... ;-)

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