Volkswagen: The new Golf GTI. Only for the advanced.

When you're ready to modify... nothing. Press Ctrl+A to find out more.


The new Volkswagen Golf GTI comes packed with advanced features. To announce its arrival in the Malaysian market, an email was sent out to car enthusiasts. We created an eDM that mirrored the concept of the car -- sleek, with the many advanced featured hidden. The interactive device (Ctrl+A) which reveals the hidden text is the message we want to communicate. That is, everything about The new Golf GTI is "Only for the advanced".

Advertising Agency: Tribal DDB, Malaysia
Creative Director: Faizal Reza
Art Director: Maharis Azman
Copywriter: Yap Swee Jin
Published: November 2009


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Original, nice use of technology, and simple user involvement

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A sport hatchback makes 0-100 in 6.9 sec... no good at all.
I had a 4x4 that used to make it in 6.5 sec only.

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There as an antivirus pop-up warning on the website. Trojan-Clicker.JS.Iframe.db. Strange that the infected script is not on but on another url.

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Very simple and creative

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so when you press cmd+A you can see the details of the car's engine.. whatta big idea!

| Everartz |

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Brilliant... Psychological approach to the readers Good Job. Much More effective

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Nice and simple.

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