Volkswagen: Park it!

One of the most daunting challenges for any profession-driver is to find a vacant parking spot while out working, so we decided to put parking skills to the test and created the live, multiplayer mobile game PARK IT, based on the traditional ”musical chairs” game, if you can’t find a vacant spot when the music stops, you're out.

Advertising Agency: Try/Apt, Oslo, Norway
Creative Director: Markus Lind
Art Directors: Markus Lind, Lars-Kristian Harveg
Copywriters: Eva Sannum, Jonas Grønnern
Designer: Erik Winn
Developer: Motti Motti
Sound development: Plan8
Film production: Gimpville
Acount Managers: Linda Kling, Morten Polmar
Project Manager: Monica Rosengren

October 2013


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Great idea for a app.

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Where can i find a client like this?
VW never disappoints!

Make the logo Bigger and the black, Darker!

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