Volkswagen New Beetle: Automatic skip ad

Volkswagen announces the New Beetle in a video that clicks “skip ad” for you. To announce the New Beetle, AlmapBBDO created a YouTube action showing the benefits of the DSG Tiptronic transmission. In a differentiated way, the film uses the pre-roll format, commercials that are displayed before the video is watched. In the intervention, in the end of the 5 seconds of mandatory waiting time, the video clicks the “skip ad” button. The lettering explains: “New Beetle with DSG Tiptronic transmission. You don’t shift gears. Neither does the commercial”.

Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, Sao Paulo, Brazil
General Creative Director: Luiz Sanches
Creative Directors: Renato Simões, Bruno Prosperi
Online Creation Co-Directors: Luciana Haguiara, Sandro Rosa
Art Director: André Leotta
Copywriter: Leo Avila
Digital Production Director: Fernando Boniotti
Digital Media Piece Programming: A Madre
Art Buyers: Tereza Setti, Ana Cecilia da Costa
Account Executives: Fernão Cosi, Filipe Bartholomeu, Vanessa Previero, Ana Beatriz Moreira Porto, Vanessa Silva
Planners: Cintia Gonçalves, Sergio Katz, Denis Camargo, Tatiana Weiss
Media: Paulo Camossa, Gabriel Queiroz, Kauê Lara Cury, Raphael Vignola, Larissa Porto de Andrade


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yes, i like it

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yes, me too

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Didn't we already see this type of concept like a week or two ago at this place??

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Smart use of 5 seconds.

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Why is this a smart use of 5 seconds? You still have to wait 5 seconds. And nothing interesting happens in the meanwhile.

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