Vivo: Dream

At the age of 18, Anderson Silva tried out and flunked at one of Brazil’s most renowned soccer clubs. Ironically on the same day that happened the athlete started considering boxing as an alternative. Undoubtedly he began practicing and became a great champion. Even with his UFC success, he still dreamed of playing a soccer match for the National Team. The film is a tribute to all those who dream or have dreamed of becoming a soccer player.

Account services for Sound Production Company: Pity Lieutaud

Advertising Agency: DDB Brasil
Creative Directors: Marco Versolato, Andre Pedroso
Creatives: Felipe Gall, Marco Mattos
Account services: Mônica de Carvalho, Sergio Rudge Ribeiro, Natalia Garutti, Lucas Martins
Planning: Cynthia Horowicz, Flavia Campos, Gustavo Leite
Media: Mônica de Carvalho, Patricia Muratori, Francisco Rosa, Felipe Snege, Fabio Saad, Carla Sarno
RTVC: Gilberto Pires (Gibinha), Juliana RacioppiTangary
Production Company: Rebolucion
Film Director: ArmandoBo, Nicolas Nubile
D.O.P: Christian Cotet
Editor: Patricio Pena
Producer: Mariana Fiordelice
Executive Producers: Ciro Silva, Patricio Casado
Post Production Company: Sindicato VFX
Sound Production Company: Raw

June 2013


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I thought it was nice.

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Yes. Great. But remember me "write the future".

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