Visa: Portal Entertainers

More than a simple banner, Visa's Portal Entertainers performed several live shows turning news and tweets into lots of music and interaction.

Art Director Tiago Marcondes

Advertising Agency: Almap BBDO, Brazil
General Creative Director: Luiz Sanches
Creative Director: Renato Simões
Co-creative Director: Luciana Haguiara e Sandro Rosa
Copywriter: Flavia Figueiredo; Marcelo Pignatari
Operations Director: Gustavo Burnier
Project Manager: Rafael Puls
Technology Director: Fernando Boniotti
Producer company: Colmeia
Audio: MCR produtora

March 2012


kleenex's picture
40636 pencils

nice idea.

Lawson Hembree's picture
Lawson Hembree
444 pencils

The online portion of the campaign looks great and effective.

The first part (the singers playing for people paying with cash) would have been highly annoying and might have prevented customers from returning to the stores...

marcondes's picture
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Hi lawson, this was actually the idea of the campaign. The challenge was to create a respectfull death for those guys. Before they became an annoying image for the brand. Thanks for commenting :)

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