Villa Forma Gym: Slim

Advertising Agency: Propeg, Brazil
Creative Directors: Ana Luisa Almeida, Fabiano Ribeiro, Ariston Quadros
Art Director: Bruno Lage
Copywriter: Chico Lucas
Additional credits: Vitor Barros, Caio Leão
Published: December 2012


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very nice

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NOT great, but not horrible.

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Idea is pretty cool, but the execution kills it completely. No one is going to interact with a blank ad calling for you to enter your name. If they for some reason do, they'll shake it once, think it did nothing, and move on. Really terrible.

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I agree with sacrilegend, solid idea, but bland implementation. From the "enter your name" to the thinning font it's actually kind of dull. Maybe a cartoon or a photoshopped figure that changes, but something that brings excitement and reward to the process would probably have made it a better selling too even if it lost some of the elegance.

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