Venus Embrace razors / Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner

December 2010


When P&G's Herbal Essences Hydralicious shampoo and conditioner and Venus Embrace razors decided to team up for a winter promotion, they needed a big idea that tied them together. Saatchi & Saatchi came up with the proposition that in the winter, women still need to be soft from head to toe, because Canadian winters are the perfect time to cuddle up and get close to somebody. From that big idea, the Cuddle Me Sutra concept was born.

The Cuddle Me Sutra was brought to life through rich media banners and landing pages housed on Herbal Essences' and Venus' pages. The Cuddle Me Sutra became a guide where women could learn to cuddle the winter away with various cuddle positions. Through it all, the importance of smooth legs and soft was reinforced and the communication, though irreverent and humourous, always linked back to encourage product trial.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Brett Channer
Art Director: Marissa Mastenbroek
Copywriter: Lyranda Martin-Evans
Account Team: Terence Jou, Yael Marantz
Integrated Producer: Jen Mete
Snowflake Graphic: Jamie Webster
CG Snow: Alchemy
Production House: Radke Films
Director: Jason Zada
Executive Producers: Scott Smith & Scott MacKenzie
Line Producer : Mark Hesselink
DOP: Chris Mably
Web Design & Development: Indusblue
Dayton Pereira, CD / Owner
Michael Yokota, Producer
Audio House: Eggplant

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Regardless, it's just terrible.

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First D is a bit lost in the lamp...

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razorsharp creative
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I agree with Kuba, and also a bit too on the nose.

-Richard Todd Aguayo (razorsharp creative)

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I think I speak for most of the female population when I say... I do not want to have sex with a bear. Nor do I want to associate any of my products with bestiality.

Also, all I see is flowy sexy hair? Herbal Essence might want to rethink this.

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Anonymous Author
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Isn't 'bear' a synonym for 'gay hairy man'?

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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First thing I thought when I saw this was Wow she has nice legs. Im a guy and i like this ad naturally because of her legs but never would i consider buying this product. Im sure the first thing women notice to though are her legs. The use of the bear was probably to contrast and make her legs pop. So if this is for venus razor, maybe it will be effective. Other than that the ad is really stupid.

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clayology com
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why not cuddle up with a sexy guy instead?? P&G's team needs to actually take a break and go on a vacation!! get better ideas ppl!!!

Ads u create needs Attention!!

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this isn't an ad. its a website. the posting isn't very clear.

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Regardless, it's just terrible.