Vancouver International Film Festival: The Warden


This is TBWA\Vancouver’s 16th year of creating trailers for the Vancouver International Film Festival. Each year they are tasked with coming up with a fresh new way to promote the festival that entertains and encourages festival attendees to keep coming back. This year they wanted to do something different and rethink the entire approach. Rather than running ads before the film begins, they wanted to challenge festival goers and make them active participants in the unfolding of a short film. TBWA\Vancouver has created a film called The Warden that is divided into 16 scenes (or trailers), and will release one scene each day of the festival non-linearly. Viewers can then go online to and rearrange the scenes together in an effort to piece the story together. The hope is that the audience will be captivated, confused, intrigued, and challenged to uncover the complete story. The first scene is available now.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director: Paul Little
Writer: Addie Gillespie
Art Director: Jeff Cheung
Digital Designer: Jerome Leclere
Director of Integrated Production: Jen Mete
Account Supervisor: Kristy Eirikson

October 2010


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Looks like a good idea, will have to wait till we have more episodes to fully experience it.
Will P.

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Looks like a nice little indy film. The presentation is simple, and compelling.


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