Urlist: Meet Urlist

Come and curate the internet galaxy with us! Innovative, papercraft introduction video that is also a tutorial and brand image creation. Stress on the link between the paper world of libraries and the digital library of the web.

Advertising Agency: ilenoliukgo, Turin, Italy
Creative Director: Ilenia Notarangelo, Luca Gonnelli
Animator: Matteo Ruffinengo
Published: July 2013


Micah1221's picture
202 pencils

The visuals and hobby representations were interesting, but the ad got boring and corny right at the "3,2,1"

monoliz's picture
1326 pencils

visual is good, copy not so much. and after 3,2,1 boom, i don't see that boom

kleenex's picture
33776 pencils

The look of the ad is good, the overall ad is not that great.

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