February 2013


They are a group of 25 digital creative students of Underground, a creative school in Buenos Aires. All of them wanted to accomplish our studies and get a job but with such a huge competitive scenario we needed to find somehow, a way to stand out. That´s how they came out with an idea: they had to work for the best creative in the world. If they could get his attention we would be able to get anyone's.

Digital advertisment created by Underground, Argentina for Underground Creative School, within the category: Education.

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Bike to Life
Activity Score 38

Excellent work!!

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Brilliantly done! Hope you all find work.

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This is a copy of a campaign done by some Australian students which ran a month prior to drogagiveme5. Check it out They actually drove 10 hours to visit his hometown, met people from Droga's childhood and eventually spoke to the man himself.

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Feels a little too close to be coincidental.

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Nike Diesel
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Activity Score 5

excellent, but a very good idea and hard work.

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Patricia Maguire
Activity Score 3

excellent work! congratulations!!!!!

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Activity Score 45

A great work!

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Activity Score 87

Excelente, muy emocionante. Y pensar que recién son estudiantes, cuanto futuro.

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J. Larsson
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This is a great project, this is so creative. I saw in Facebook a group of this creatives team i give them a Like 'cause it´s magnific!


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Excellent work!!

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A clear example of expanding an idea

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wonderful! i know many people try with mr. Droga an very few make it happen, congrats!!

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Espectacular trabajo!!! Lograr que alguien tan importante y tan solicitado te preste 5 minutos de su tiempo para oir lo que tenes para decirle es todo un logro. Conseguir que ademas te deje trabajar para la mejor agencia del mundo es todo un EXITO!!

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It looks similar with this work from D&AD student award 2012 :)

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Manuel Calavera
Activity Score 51

Excelente! muy buena idea y ejecución!

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Bike to Life
Activity Score 38

Excellent work!!