TUI: Bad Weather Vacation

Case Movie:

During last winter, TUI, one of the biggest tourism firms in Germany, launched a special action to promote the brand. The “Bad Weather Vacation”: the very first bad weather competition! A mobile app tracked your position and your current weather conditions by connecting to weather stations. You had to check-in your weather conditions and the worse they were, the better your score. After a month, the person experiencing the worst weather in Germany won a great holiday in the Dominican Republic.

Programming:Christian Roeingh

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Götz Ulmer
Creative Director: Michael Ploj
Art Directors: Andres Maldonado, Tommy Norin
Copywriters: Salvatore Russomano, Georg Muehl
Accounts: Alexander Kerkow, René Requardt
Motion Graphics and 3D: Lucas Zanotto
Programming: Clanmo

January 2011


AKesseli's picture
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Very cool idea., but wouldn't a whole town win?

sal's picture
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Thx a lot!:)
Concerning your question, the answer is no! Because in the same town there are differences in the weather conditions. The weather stations
detect these differences and you can get a different score even though more users play in the same city.

slimmy's picture
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Nice. Maybe a bronze.

atb2005's picture
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Great job! Very entertaining.

robinstam's picture
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Because Salvatore is in the end of the casefilm, I'd say it's at least silver ;-). Good job guys. Wish I could play it in Amsterdam, where the weather is even worse than in Hamburg.

sal's picture
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Thx dude...I am thinking to become an actor!!!! ;)

krautland's picture
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this I like.

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