Tuborg: Transfunmation

Transform/Don't Transform

An interactive viral film for Tuborg Ukraine which follows the journey of three guys through Kiev at night, giving the watcher the option to transform everyday objects into freezelight animation sequences.

Advertising Agency: Mather Communications, Kiev, Ukraine
Creative Director: Misha Valeyev, Will Rust
Art Director: Igor Nechytailenko
Copywriter: Bogdan Grygorenko
Animators: Artyom Dolgopolov, Roma Palchenkov (
Accounts: Lyuda Sviderskaya
Producer: Irina Pigal

July 2010


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Has been done waaay too many times :S

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Yes, but it's ok anyway... art direction is really good, and post-production is good too... I think beyond that it has been done many times is interesting to use this kind of media to interact with people and let them become part of the story...

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twix chocolate website

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Though it has been done a lotta times.... this one had just added to the earlier ones in a unique way. I personally really loved it. Great job guys. Luv your work!!!

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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I think it's quite nice to see such video coming from Ukraine for real client. Sick of fake creative work coming out from UA.

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