Trident: Mess with your head

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Trident is sponsoring the UK traveller on the Gap Year, Bebo/Endemol’s interactive drama series which follows six Bebo users on a globe-trotting journey that will be documented on the site through video diaries, blogs and photos.
The premise of Gap Year is that students from around the world compete for a fully paid for gap year (…well, 6 months) during which time they experience real-life ‘mess with your head’ moments. A great example of a ‘mess with your head’ moment is on the site (scroll down from the “all” tab to video box section and look at how the UK Gap Year winner found out he had won)
The campaign builds on branded content integration within Gap Year and “Mess with your head” encounters and engagements are built into Gap Year editorial content online.
As the Bebo Campaign develops there will be new initiatives coming through the pipeline, including a range of UGC competitions, e.g. consumers being asked to submit “mess with your head” videos etc.

Creative Director: Bob Nash
Art director: Will Miles
Copywriter: Mark Blanchard
Designer: Elliot Wright
Production Team: Matt Smith, Elliot Wright, Rumit Shah
Released: Spring 2008

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1857 pencils

a few things stuck out to me here

the sign up form on the first page needs to go (to another page), it seems desperate when it's rammed down your throat.

the friends' wall posts seem very astroturf and fake, maybe they're real and everybody does post, "I LOVE TRIDENT!!!" i just get the impression that the people who posted were paid. way too nice and happy in general.

seems like a good start. good luck.

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