Tortus Copenhagen: Spin

What happens when you mix a thousand year old craft with modern technology? This was the question the young danish ceramics brand TORTUS COPENHAGEN asked as it seeked new ways to convey the values of hand-made craftsmanship to a broader audience. The Idea: the reinvention of the (potter’s) wheel.

We created a short film capturing handwork in a fully new perpective. With the use of modern technology already widely used in the area of x-treme sports, we captured something quite different; a piece of clay being shaped by the hand at hundreds of rotations per minute. The new angle: the world revolves around the growing form like in the eye of a tornado. From a piece of earth to a stunning vase, this created a never before seen and beautiful perspective of the making process that transcend the somewhat antiquated notions about the artform.

Creative Director / Art Director: Justin Landon
Music: "Dogs & Cats" by Jahzzar
Published: May 2013


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It is curious

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I'm getting dizzzzzzzyyyyyyy

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Just different.

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Not seeing any modern technology, but anyway is fun to watch.

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