TomTom: The Force

Check out the advert game:

To celebrate the release of the voices, we created a unique Star Wars game where fans can test their allegiance to the Force, to see if they wish to turn to the dark side.

Advertising Agency: Pool Worldwide, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Directors: Hesling Reijdinga, Erwin Kleinjan
Art Directors: Nick Schonfeld, Hesling Reidinga, Maarten Versteege
Copywriter: Nick Schonfeld
Post Production: The Ambassadors
Sound: The Ambassadors
Account: Matthijs Horsman
Design: Maarten Versteege, Sib Hibma
D.O.P: Daan Nieuwenhuis
Producer: Emelie van Wensen, Michel de Goede (Czar)
Director: Willem Gerritsen
RTV: Matthijs Horsman
Published: May 2010


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I wonder how it would be to have Yoda as a GPS voice... "Make U-turn you must" :)

ivan's picture

Yes, little confusing that is.

whatthefudge's picture
1268 pencils

Haha, you bet!

mosho's picture
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but i like the idea pretty good to hear a new voice while driving :)

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