Tipp-Ex: Hunter and bear's 2012 birthday party

Advertising Agency: Buzzman, USA
Creative Director: Georges Mohammed-cherif
Agency Manager: Thomas Granger
Creative: Tristan Daltroff
Artistic Director: Louis Audard
Project Manager: Olivier Lopez, Marion Quesada
Tv Producer: Vanessa Barbel, Elodie Poupeau
Digital Production Manager: Laurent Marcus, Julie Bourges
Community Managers: Huber Munyazikwiye, Julien Scaglione
Film Production: Les Télécréateurs
Director: Adrien Armanet
Web Production: Les 84

April 2012


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Enorme, comme d'hab =)

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Extremely entertaining. And that's quite a compliment when it comes to advertisement.

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Nike Diesel
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Love both campaigns! What Ordozgoiti wrote: this is extremely entertaining. Great stuff!

Wordfruit's picture
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I didn't have a proper look just now, but definitely potential for some good stuff.

What I did see I didn't think was as good as the Tipp Ex bear stuff from about a year or 18 months ago.

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You should have a proper look before you take the time to type your opinion in a box and hit save and post it to a website for anyone to read next to a picture of your face and a link to your blog.

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@chuckieT - You should keep quiet until you've established some type of grounds for us to actually listen and respect your opinion. As it stands you're just one dissenting voice in a billion Johnny French.

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This is going to clean up at award shows.

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They sure did a lot of extra ads for the campaign.

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Amazing. The novelty from Hunter/Bear 1 may have worn off, but this is the best YouTube use ever, along with the Old Spice guy. Way to go Buzzman.

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just awesome! by far one of the best use of youtube. engaging, surprising and entertaining.
way to go!

mihail @HIPPOS

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