Tigo / Facebook: No social network

Advertising Agency: Biedermann / McCann, Asunción, Paraguay
General Creative Directors: Alejandro Rebull, Santiago Morello
General Manager: Raquel De Velazquez
Planning Director: Federico Perié
Copywriters: Pablo García, Guadalupe Armadans
Art Directors: Gastón Cortesi, Arturo Avalos
Account Director: Mariel Jorgge
Executive Producer: Fátima Rojas
Media Agency: UM Biedermann
CEO: Enrique Biedermann
Director: Claudia Chamorro
Planner: Cecilia Miranda

April 2014


Justin Turco's picture
Justin Turco
182 pencils

God, this video is terribly confusing.

I'm still wondering how changing/adding a feature on Facebook achieved your goal of connecting to the 50% of the population that doesn't have access to an internet connection.

Hammad S's picture
Hammad S
484 pencils

I think it's that the people who speak the G.. language had access to facebook but didn't use it because they didn't understand the other languages. Once the G.. language was included, those people started using facebook.

Ayeyahyah's picture
482 pencils

yah, is this even considered an ad idea??

kleenex's picture
41102 pencils

The idea worked.

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