The Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada: Case Study

URL: http://www.atrandom.ca

The Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada and Saatchi and Saatchi Canada have launched a unique public service project to raise awareness about Tourette Syndrome. Over two years in the making, the @Random project has involved dozens of families affected by Tourette Syndrome, filmmakers, and other production industry partners to create an online documentary experience that is different every time you watch it. To create the individual films, directors were paired up with the families to document their experience with the disorder. For families they couldn’t reach, CISCO Systems donated Flipcams which were mailed to these families so they could tell their stories as well. The project is comprised of over two dozen films, with stories coming from all across Canada, and as far away as the United States and Norway. The short films are housed at the @Random website, where they are randomly arranged to form a new documentary with every viewing.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Canada
Executive Creative Directors: Helen Pak, Brian Sheppard, Brett Channer
Agency Producers: Matt Shipp, Jen Mete
Art Director: Helen Pak
Writer: Brian Sheppard
Website Development: Pixel Pusher
Motion Graphics: Common Good
Sound Design: Boombox
Composer: Lydia Ainsworth
Digital Production: Amy Miranda / Lunch


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Wow. I love this idea. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it before -a different documentary every time?
Cool idea, and the website looks AMAZING :)

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Nike Diesel
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This is NOT to throw any negative energy towards this ad, in any way,
but since you mentioned: " - a different documentary every time?"
Well, here's one with a different spot every day for a whole year ;)

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The documentary format of a different collection of films everytime is more relevant here because it mimics the disorder. Nothing against the Ikea stuff you referenced. It's fun and all, but all it is a different commercial each day. @random is trying to change perceptions and build awareness of a misunderstood disorder in way that makes you realize that the disorder is constantly changing. :)

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Totally agree.

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Sweet idea, and nicely produced.

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Very good. Original idea!

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A respectful approach, nicely presented, and using a simple idea of randomness, to convey the complex realities of sudden tics, is as close as I've seen to driving the message home.

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good job.

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Amazing job.

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