The North Face: The North Face FootPower

Advertising Agency: Hyper Island, Stockholm, Sweden
Creatives: Lise Skovsted Larsen, Daniel Smith, Carl von der Lancken, Dimas Wibisono

March 2013


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This mind blowing

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11217 pencils


An axe murderer of ads.

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We have shoes that can rechange things since 2011, nice try guys.

I'm good at this But not perfect.

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We're not engineers and do not claim to have invented anything. We've done our research and built the concept on existing technology. However, at the time we created this, and until now, this has not been put into a shoe for mass production by any brand, and has not been used to promote and prove a brand promise such as "Never stop exploring". This is a strategy and concept built on existing technology to promote a brand. Another good example you might know about is Nike+, which is a service using GPS-tracking without claiming to have invented the GPS technology.

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10 pencils you walk to build up a charge, it runs an app over bluetooth and GPS that heavily drains your battery?

Should have just left it as the charging thing and it would be super useful.

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