The National Council for Coordination of HIV Prevention: Chlamydia Monday


Its easy to forget things, not just the condom, but a chlamydiatest as well. Up to four people contract chlamydia every hour in Sweden. During the first six months of this year, health authorities recorded more than 17.000 cases. On Chlamydia Monday, September 13th, medical centers all across Sweden welcomed the public to drop in for a free test. To make sure that no one would miss out, the campaign concluded with the opportunity to order a special film reminder on the site,, to a mobile phone or email address. A total of ten animated films ask, "Did you forget the condom this summer?" and depict bunnies fornicating, birds shagging, and teddy bears involved in role play. Visitors could email and text family, friends and one-night stands these reminders to get tested. This message was also prompted through giant post-its stuck on ad pillars all around Swedish cities.

Advertising Agency: Ester, Stockholm, Sweden
Account Executive: Roger Kempe
Creative Director: Lotta Mellgren
Art Director: Emil Jonsson
Copywriter: Hans Malm
Production Manager: Carina Winte Jernström
Graphic Designer: Michelle Christiansen
Production Company: Queensbridge

November 2010


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Ugh... have fun, dirty Euro trash.

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A lighthearted way to get a message across. Any Swedish people who can comment on the cultural aspect of funny cartoons aimed at 20-30s in the country? It's a nice change from the threat/death/doom of STDs, and I hope it worked - any numbers yet? Only thing I don't get is the clip with the cartoon hand-puppet coming from the toilet saying 'You're very sexy' - reminiscent of the toilet-seat contagion nonsense that plagues this arena of messages, but I'll be happy to learn how I'm wrong.

Overall, a cheekily cheery way to lure people instead of goading them. Nice.

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It's a nice way to talk about chlamydia! I like.

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