Choose a Different Ending

December 2010
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London teenagers were carrying knives in the mistaken belief that they offered protection. The Metropolitan Police wanted to communicate that the reverse was true. A series of films was created for Youtube using Annotation Technology, enabling viewers to choose what happened next. Carry a knife? Go to a party? Stab an opponent? After experiencing the consequences of their choices, viewers were invited to ‘Choose a Different Ending’. For the film, and their life. 21 films, ten different endings. The response was 78% awareness, the highest ever for a Met campaign, and to date, 2,652,012 views.

Results and Effectiveness:
• 4.6 out of 5 average user rating.
• 2.1% click-through rate on viral video trailers, well above 0.2% industry benchmark for rich media banners.
• Net number of views logged would have required a TV budget 600% the size of our spend.
• Peer-to-peer debate about the videos and knife crime swelled. At peak, more than 80 comments a day were posted, with a total of over 3,000.
• Total views to date, 2,652,012.
• Highest total recall of any Metropolitan Police campaign, ever. 78% among our target.

Advertising Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, UK

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Chelsey Homan
90 Activity Scores

Interactive, fun, free's hard to fit all these things into one campaign. But that's what ya gotta do to make teens notice. Great job!