The Gamekillers

Check out the microsite:
This is part of a bigger campaign that included an MTV show and traditional advertising.

Advertising Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, New York, USA
Agency Producers: Katherine Cheng, Michelle Massaro
Art Director: Jon Randazzo
Creative Director: William Gelner
Designers: Emil Lanne, Chris Berger
Photographer: Matthew Welch
Production Company: Radical Media
Copywriters: William Gelner

May 2007


slim's picture
1047 pencils

Advertising at it's best.

back2b's picture
191 pencils

"We go out as a group. We go home as a group."

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focus group
146 pencils

The best campaign of the last year. Bravo, BBH NY!

Darrin Stephens's picture
Darrin Stephens
242 pencils

Oh my God. Finally a website worth visiting. These characters are so well thought out and so well written it's just ridiculous! Fantastic, funny, product-relevant writing.

AlphaHawk's picture
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Yeah pretty much great. My roomate and I watched the TV show on MTV and only after 20 minutes did I sense this might be a commercially backed show. It was that good. I think they actually picked it for next fall's programming on MTV.

Mo's picture
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This is sooooo awesome.

amey_gokarn's picture
20 pencils

Fucking awsum!!!

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