The Dalí Museum: Staring Contest

For our client The Dalí Museum in Florida, we wanted to play with the Dalí brand of surrealism and create something nonsensical out of something very familiar. Surely you've had a good old fashioned starting contest in your time but this app lets you compete against Dalí himself through your iPhone's front-facing camera. There's a catch, of course, in that the Dalí you compete against is just a picture of him. So you always lose. "The Dalí Staring Contest" ( app is also supported by mirror decals inside the museum’s bathroom that pit “You vs. You.” Additionally there are two instructional videos, an abbreviated :51 second video and a full two hour video—a play on how long you can go.

Advertising Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, USA

January 2014

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