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Telkomsel: Spray The Face

Spray the face

Riding on the massive hype of FIFA World Cup 2010, Telkomsel (the largest telco operator in Indonesia) is creating a digital campaign to engage soccer fans by creating a micro site where they can pick a country and cheer for them while collecting score. This banner acts as a preview of how fun the games in the micro site are.

Advertising Agency: RED Comm, Jakarta, Indonesia
Published: June 2010


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Why'd this get such a low score? I mean, the idea is silly, I suppose, but it's still kind of fun to mess with, and is pretty well executed.

It isn't very pretty, though, so that does drop it down a peg. If it was a little more lively and visually engaging, instead of relying so much on pure functionality, it would be more successful.

pez's picture
1800 pencils

Great stuff! Like it a lot... pretty sad the white is skin color and not white 'cause a lot of flags have white in their colors...

gonndo's picture
1096 pencils

It's different...

and that's something......

Yes, my profile picture is my dog on my sister's bed, with a pillow and a blanket...

akshaysrikar's picture
420 pencils

this is awesome... some good time killing... but on the down side, apart from the fun, the brand don't shine...

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
6996 pencils

Yeah it's nice and could pickup a few seconds from a lot of people =)

capywriter's picture
5511 pencils

not really original but well executed, fun to do, good looking result

decreative's picture
102 pencils

This is something different and its' FUN.:)

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Nice! Thumbs up to Indonesian for this!

cef's picture
547 pencils

i think at least everyone will try for once. good one then...

brandingworthspreading's picture
648 pencils

Fun! Not to relevant. I don't remember what brand it is for and I just used it..

Damon Hakim's picture
Damon Hakim
25 pencils

There's a great team behind this :)

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I like it. Not as an advertiser, but as a football supporter. If I knew this brand before I see the banner (quite normal in telecom companies), this would make me have a better opinion about it.

The only bad thing is that you can't do this with your photo in the microsite and save the result for you (or I didn't find where to do it).

clayology com's picture
clayology com
247 pencils

its fun to paint the man's face in the colors of the flag of the country we support!!
creative yet serves the purpose..

Ads u create needs Attention!!

velle's picture
1550 pencils

this was a lot of fun - very engaging - well-worth expanding on!

Janae's picture
385 pencils

it took its time, because these strange eyes got me a bit irritated first. ;)
but it was quite fun. :D

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