Teletoon Canada: Johnny Test Roller Johnny game app

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Created by Toronto-based digital creative agency Kolody in partnership with Teletoon Canada, Johnny Test is based on the popular animated franchise of the same name. In the game, kids can choose to play as hero Johnny Test or his dog Dukey to sandwich baddies and slingshot each other around the colourful roller derby world. Multiple people can play the game together through an innovative feature that harnesses Bluetooth to allow users to pair mobile devices and combine screen real estate, making Roller Johnny the first iOS gaming experience with co-operative screen play, individual leaderboards and timed play.

Director Interactive: Gavin Friesen
Producer: Colin Turnbull
Producer: Mark Kolody
Creative Director: Chad Borlase
Interactive Production: Kolody


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I like the music.

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but that was the only good thing about the ad.

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More like a tech demo, no?


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