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Interesting idea, expensive to make it, but:
1. I see more cell phones than watches
2. How can you drink underwater?

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Like the music.

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Nice music, nice theme but what was that like glass ?

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The music is good, but I just do not see this selling the product.

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wow.. i have so many questions..
- how can you drink underwater with a helmet on?
- are these real jellyfish?
- how can you text under water? is there a signal?
- why is everyone holding onto there drinks so much? are those only weights, that keep you down there?
- what does it have to do with the watch?

it is an exciting idea. not well captured and explained, though.

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Drinking underwater with the helmet on is not a big deal, its the same way how astronauts do, its quite expensive though, I want to see it in real and make my dream come true

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Well, the models they hired seem to be having a good time.

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