Target: The Everyday Collection Tweet-to-Runway Show

On January 24th, The Everyday Collection went live with the first ever Tweet-to-Runway show - a runway spectacular inspired by everyday tweets. Thousands participated, hundreds were chosen to have their tweets performed on the catwalk and featured with products from The Everyday Collection by Target. To everyone who joined the event, thanks for showing the world just how fabulous the everyday really is. And to everyone who tuned in for the show: Work it. Own it. Everyday day.

Advertising Agency: mono, Minneapolis, USA
Production Company: Tool of North America
Director: Jason Zada

January 2013


DaAvitar's picture
198 pencils

Umm......Not crazy about this

dkaisin's picture
66 pencils

Gorgeous girls, funny sometimes but still the same Old Spice Guy idea.

kleenex's picture
41182 pencils

They have a concept, but man this concept is a pile of crap.

Spanky's picture
4899 pencils

This is painful to watch.

rrgoto8's picture
175 pencils

I actually watched this live. The content was abysmal but the idea behind it was with good intensions. Liked the social media utilization

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