Take 3: Recycle a tweet

Each year 8 billion bottles and cans trash our beaches, rivers and ocean killing precious Australian wildlife and marine life. Recycling deposit refunds has been a proven solution around the world, but still faces strong opposition in Australia from beverage companies.

A national scheme for Australia will soon be under review with the key decision maker being Premier Barry O’Farrell. We needed to prove the recycling power of a ‘Cash for Containers’ scheme whilst calling on Barry O’Farrell to make the needed change. So we created the world’s first recyclable and refundable tweet. A tweet calling on Barry O’Farrell to implement the Cash for Containers scheme and encouraging the public to recycle the tweet by re-tweeting it. Every re-tweet can be refunded the same deposit amount as a standard beverage container, one shiny Australian 10 cent piece.

Support the call for a Cash for Containers scheme by recycling our tweet at recycleatweet.com.

Published: July 2013