Sveriges Radio: The Web Address Expander

Here is the link to The Web Address Expander:

New campaign for Sveriges Radio (Swedish Radio). To clarify their brand across all media they decided to change the way they communicated their website address from to So whenever they refered to their website, for example in broadcast (which they do a couple thousand times each day), they would always communicate their whole name.

So we were asked to communicate the change to web community. Our initial approach was that this is exactly the opposite of the web trends today, where everyone is striving for shorter urls. This is quite obvious when you like at url shortening services such as, tinyurl and But what we wanted to communicate was exaclty the opposite, Sveriges Radio had gone from a short adress to a longer one. So to be quite frank, we did the exact opposite, we created "The Web Address Expander". A service that will take any url and turn it into a very, very long url. Stupidly long urls.

In the urls that our service created, you can find different stories depending on the length you choose and the adress you want to expand. And since Sveriges Radio is Swedish public service broadcaster (much like BBC) and one of their main goals is to protect freedom of speech and democracy may I suggest you try to expand for example

Advertising Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors, Sweden
Account manager: Andreas Engstrand
Agency Producer: Nicole van Rooij Ekström
Art Director: Adam Ulvegärde
Copywriter: Robert Lund
Designer: Viktor Larsson & Johanna Hofman Bang
Web Producer: Peter Gaudiano
Creative technologies: Stefan Thomson
Production company: Thomson Interactive


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What do I get out of this? Just a long ugly link with information about Sveriges radio. Why would I wanna post it on my facebook then? It's pointless. If people do post these links on various online platforms (myspace, facebook, twitter, etc) or share them via email, then yeah this campaign would be a success. But, again, what's the incentive for that? Interesting concept, but not very practical. If each link, however, contained something funny or gossipy, then the campaign may work.

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I had the same feeling as VV said. Small is still beautiful!


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