Stivoro: The Quitting Machine


In the quitting machine you can find all the support that can help you quit smoking. This interactive vending machine doesn’t dispend cigarettes but the aid a quitter needs to stop for good. Not only nicotine gum but also group therapy and brochures that help you quit smoking. Mouse over the machine and pick an aid that you would like to know more about. After clicking, one of the the little drawers at the bottom pops open to dispense the aid of your choosing. A screen appears with a short animated film that explains a bit about the aid. Further information, a direct link to your health insurer and advice on how to combine aid for more effective quitting are also provided. Every demo film has its own style that fits the story about the quitting aid, this makes the user curious about the next one and if he particularly likes one, more eager to share on social media.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Art Director: Hans Bolleurs
Copywriter: Katelijne Kenter
Illustrators: Erwin Koh, Maki, Eshter Aarts, DED ass, Bobby Pola, Zoltan Korai, Bombo
Strategy: Mathijs Boonstra
Interaction Design: Joost Olsthoorn, Mathijs Boonstra
Account: Martine Hendriks

December 2010


Sdb's picture
1362 pencils

Wondering if any one who smokes will go for this..

morse's picture
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Nice try, but nothing will stop the addict.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

Chelsey Homan's picture
Chelsey Homan
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They're not trying to stop an addict. They're trying to help and addict who wants to stop. I think the slow transitions would make me want to grab a cigarette though.
Still, a fairly original approach to an old goal.

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