Stella Artois: The Ritual Project

To watch the footage, please visit the site:

Stella Artois (in conjunction with Mother Industries) commissioned NYC's finest sign painters, to be more specific, the guys over at Sky High Murals, to paint the entire 9-step Belgian pouring ritual, step by step. Over 21 days of painting, they/we created a stop-animation film on a 20x50 wall in SoHo. It is a pretty amazing spectacle. These muralists painted each step from scratch on a 20 foot x 50 foot surface in New York City (in SoHo on Crosby and Broome to be exact). Imagine doing something on such a large scale, enjoying the moment, and painting over it. That's a lot of hard work, and a great effort from the painters to keep the talent and creativity going from day to day.

Advertising Agency: Mother New York, USA


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A bit too masturbatory for my taste. I wonder if people would even care about this?


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'Masturbatory'! Ha, love that.

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