Starbucks: Personal CCTV

Advertising Agency: Woodong, Seoul, South Korea
Creative: Dongsoo Lim
Published: August 2011


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Just run back to your seat with your pants down your knees...

I don't see what this is good for, except making sure that your laptop has indeed been stolen by some guys in a hoody...

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Well I like the idea, but no way am I running back when I have to go a number 2 if my laptop is stolen.

How about with the app you can click on the iphone which will then play a loud noise on the laptop that is about to be stolen???

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yea i agree on the comments top...the idea hasnt been thought through

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This is ridiculous.

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pretty useless scam

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Yeah I would agree with another person's comment that adding a feature that will set off a loud noise from your laptop would be much more useful. Plus, anyone dumb enough to leave their laptop out while they are on the pot deserves to get it stolen.

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That's against law to record public space without caution.

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