SPCA / Mini: Meet Porter

New Zealand SPCA, MINI and DraftFCB Auckland asked: Can you teach a dog to drive? And after Porter, a 10 month old beardie cross successfully drove a MINI Countryman down a road and turned a corner on Monday night in New Zealand, the answer is resounding “yes.” The project, which began two months ago, was an effort to raise the profile of shelter and rescue dogs, and focused on three pooches, Monty, Porter and Ginny, who underwent a training process to teach them new tricks.

Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Directors: Regan Grafton, Tony Clewett
Creatives: Matt Williams, Peter Vegas


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The Dog drives better than some of the people on the road today.

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16941 pencils!

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I love it too!

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so badass

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love it so nice

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Great Idea. Bravo. Hope dogs will race in the end...

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Klara K.
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I don't like it. All I can think the whole time was: "Poor dogs."

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my mind bursts
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These are rescue dogs - they would flourish from the attention, recognition and reward - there are millions of children, old people and others - anyone deserving some TLC instead of being marginalised, written off or in the case of these dogs put down. Who was it said you should judge a nation on the way it treats its animals? Gandhi I think.

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Yes. Yes. Yes. And the sequel? The date? The chase? The school run with puppies? The police dog in a ... police car. The Korgi in a Bentley. The gun dog in a 4x4? The guide dog for the blind with a human passenger. Of course you could already stick your dog in a Google self-drive car and send it to get the newspaper. Has it gone viral yet? Has a dog run over a cat yet? Or better still, a person? A dog has already gone into space.

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Orlando Andrade
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Just great: the concept, the idea and the message.

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