South Dakota Department of Tourism: Monumental Love

Advertising Agency: MMGY Global, Kansas City, USA
Digital Creative Strategy: Justin Watkins
Creative Director: Rick Dunn
Director: Justin Farmer
Illustrator: Travis Beckham
Senior Copywriter: Joel Henning
Director of Video Production: Tyler Mleynek
Social Media Strategist: Nadine Long

February 2014


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Austin Video Pr...
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Presidential dance-off. That's funny.

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Not bad.

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Is that Mt Rushmore picture supposed to be a reveal? Is that the moment people are supposed to realize that these guys are the presidents on Mt Rushmore? If so, I pity the school system.

R B's picture
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Dude, look at the client, its the deptt. of tourism. Tourists. that's there TG. so they did the right thing by assuming that most of the people they are addressing, don't really know abt the fact that you are kindly referring to! :)

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I know they are targeting tourists, American tourists (since most of the action tales place in NYC). And I am saying I find it embarrassing for Americans that they don't know who is on Mt Rushmore. In fact, it turns out, only 21% of Americans do...

Incredible. But not surprising...

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