Sony Pictures Home Entertainment: The Great DVD Amnesty

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Jean-Claude Van Damme declares an Amnesty on Australia's unwanted DVD's. The site allows people to play with the man himself, Report a mates collection and see who has been shamed on our wall. There is also a facebook app that allows users to Vandammize their name as well as content on YouTube.

Advertising Agency: iris, Sydney, Australia
Creative Director: Tom Hoskins
Digital Creative / Art Director: James Griffiths
Planning Director: Ian Cassidy
Group Account Director: Alasdair Robertson
Copywriter: Jasun Vare
Photographer: Plumer Kennedy Conspiracy
Retoucher: Ian Connor
Designer: Morris Rojas, Ronald Acevedo
Published: November 2011


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Nice, seems to have covered all the bases.

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Lovely photography. Design is effective. On exploring the site, I found the report a collection part to be good. JCVD looks like a great sport - he's got some great comedic and hammy timing. (But then again I'm a massive fan of the damme.)

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Ep! Wheel out the has been celebrity for every campaign... doesn't matter if there's no creative idea... hey we've got Van Damme!

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