Slurpee: Brain freeze laboratory

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Available at the “BrainFreeze Laboratory” allows users to upload their picture and see what happens when they drink a Slurpee beverage. The online campaign is powered by Oddcast’s PhotoFace, a technology that transforms a single photo into 3D avatar models. 7-Eleven® is the first brand to deploy the technology’s unique facial manipulation features in a viral campaign.
“The BrainFreeze Laboratory is exciting and also fun, because it allows users to truly customize their very own message and then automatically and freakily alter their photo and then send it to friends and family,” said Evan Brody, 7-Eleven marketing manager for Slupree and Big Gulp® beverages.
“We chose to go viral with this campaign because we wanted to drive traffic to and enhance the site’s content. Plus, everyone loves sharing the communal aspect of the frozen carbonated beverage. This was a perfectly quirky and engaging way to accomplish both objectives,” continued David Morley, Interactive Creative Director at FreshWorks/The Integer Group. The PhotoFace facial recognition and manipulation feature maps out the key elements of each image and dynamically alters them to create the “brain altering effect”. This allows the image to take on varying and wacky facial expressions. An usual aspect of this technology is its ability to remember the key dynamics of each and every pixel. PhotoFace not only transforms the image into something different, but also returns it to the way it was originally presented to the viewer.
“The BrainFreeze Laboratory introduces a novel functionality that is bound to generate buzz,” said Adi Sideman, CEO of Oddcast. The technology’s ability to detect users’ facial features allows us to introduce dynamic facial expressions, makeup and more without the user needing to apply it. This is at the heart of the experience – little user input that generates a high-production-value media.” The campaign will run from March to July this year and is being cross-promoted through banner advertising, the Slurpee website and promotional emails.


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eeeeee-yaaaaaawn... !

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This is just bad

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Is this really the ad you wanted to show us?

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this sucks

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This is not that bad, it is kind of quirky and fun. Wish they would have some more viral apps as part of the deployment.

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good idea, bad execution - i mean bad

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